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The Planning and the Construction Phase can be extremely complex, but we can advise you on potential, risks and costs, and steer your project through all, or part of, the planning and construction process.

Pre-application Enquiries

Before you take on the costs of a full planning application, we can submit a Pre-application Enquiry on your behalf. This produces a response from a planning officer on whether the principle of the development is acceptable. It gives a good indication of what the response of the planners to a full application is likely to be. The planning department charges a small fee.

Planning Applications

We will advise you on whether your building project will require planning consent or not.  If so, we will measure the site and buildings, produce as existing plans, provide designs to your brief, advise on the necessity for other consultants and co-ordinate their work, then submit the detailed planning application.  We will monitor its progress, liaise with planning officers and amend designs as necessary.  We can also represent you at planning committees.

Listed Buildings

Listed Building Consent is required for any alterations to a Listed Building, whether external or internal. Consent is required for almost all works within the curtilage of a Listed Building, including new or altered walls and fences, new buildings and works to existing buildings. We can submit a detailed Listed Building application on your behalf.

Conservation Areas

The planning rules for Conservation Areas are different from those elsewhere, particularly in respect of development which is normally permitted without planning consent and in relation to demolition. We will steer your project through the process of obtaining Conservation Area Consent.

Agricultural Ties

The removal of a planning condition which limits the occupancy of a house to someone working in agriculture can greatly enhance the value of the property. We will put together the necessary paperwork and make a submission on your behalf.

Building Regulation Approval

Whether your project is a new building, conversion or extension, involves alterations, the installation of fittings, plumbing or electrical work or new windows, you will need consent under the Building Regulations.  We can provide the necessary drawings and specifications, arrange for any other consultants as necessary and co-ordinate their work, and made a full Building Regulations submission on your behalf.

Project Management

Our project management package is intended to assist you to plan your budget and timescale, and give financial protection while taking the project through to completion.  We can work with you to draw up detailed plans and specifications.  Obtain tenders from our approved builders/contractors and draw up a JCT building contract (to protect both parties during the process).   This contract includes monthly payments in arrears, allows for money to be retained pending and after completion, includes damages for failing to complete on time and deals with insurance.

We will attend regular site meetings with the contractor to deal with queries and monitor the quality and progress of the works, and carry out negotiations with Quantity Surveyors and Building Control Surveyors.  We can also issue certificates for payment and final completion certificates.

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