Project management

We listen carefully to our clients’ requirements and will provide designs which are functional, attractive and make the best use of space and budget.

What We Do

Our project management package is intended to assist you to plan your budget and timescale and give financial protection while taking the project through to completion.  We can work with you to draw up detailed plans and specifications.  Obtain tenders from our approved builders/contractors and draw up a JCT building contract (to protect both parties during the process).   This contract includes monthly payments in arrears, allows for money to be retained pending and after completion, includes damages for failing to complete on time and deals with insurance.

We will attend regular site meetings with the contractor to deal with queries and monitor the quality and progress of the works. We can also issue certificates for payment and final completion certificates.

Our clients like the fact the various risks involved in a building project are managed and are therefore calculated. There is an independent viewpoint to ensure changes and unforeseen incidents are covered fairly. Quality of workmanship and the timing of projects can be a serious issue. Having a contract in place provides a certain level of security for all projects large and small. Our fee structure enables all projects we are involved with to take advantage of the Contract administration role we can offer clients.