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Christmas 2021

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If you are looking for an estate agent who can progress your move over the Christmas period, The Guild is a great place to start. Statistics from Rightmove tell us that the average time to move has decreased by 27 days since the summer. That means agents are getting their customers in their new homes nearly a month quicker than usual. They also predict that the sale of homes in the UK will be the highest since 2007, 47% higher than in 2020 and 31% higher than in 2019.


It is predicted that there are 300,000 home-movers in the UK who are likely to make it through the conveyancing process in time to complete in 2021, meaning chains are progressing quicker than ever and, now could be the perfect time to put your house on the market. With these facts in mind, we wanted to put together our top tips for getting your home staged to sell over the Christmas period.


Faux Fir: Save the real tree for 2022

While a real Christmas tree can be a fabulous addition to the home at Christmastime, there are many impracticalities to them when you are looking to sell your home. When it comes to having a tree to decorate while you are in the midst of a move, faux is best, and there are very convincing faux alternatives available. Real trees drop needles on to your carpets leaving you with more cleaning up to do before a house viewing – there are many solutions that claim to stop trees from shedding however it will inevitably and avoidably still cause some mess.  You may wish to clear away your tree entirely when conducting viewings, this is when a fake tree is at its most functional because it can be easily folded up and packed away at relatively short notice. Remember, many potential buyers are looking for space as a priority in their new homes, and a tree, fake or real, can make a room feel small and overcrowded.

christmas tree


Use Christmas lights to illuminate as well as decorate

Christmas lights offer lots of opportunity when it comes to home viewings. Try draping lights in garlands across fireplaces and stairway bannisters to attract buyers’ attention to focal points in your home. As always, you should consider the planet and how much electricity is being used to power your Christmas lights, while LED Christmas lights will cost you more money upfront, they use 75% less energy than incandescent lights – a huge plus for the energy efficiency for your wallet and the planet. Go for a warm yellow/orange light rather than a cool white light, this will create a cosy atmosphere in your home and make a buyer feel welcomed. Steer clear of external Christmas decorations, a buyer will want to be able to imagine the home for all seasons when they arrive.


All the senses

It isn’t just the sights in a home that will sell the lifestyle to a potential buyer, but also the sounds and smells. What better way to paint the perfect Christmas picture than with a crackling fire? If you have an open fire, make sure the grate and chimney are clean and clear to create the most memorable sounds and smells for your viewings through winter. Switch up your home fragrances to complement the time of year – essence of gingerbread and cinnamon are most synonymous with the Christmas period. Candles are the best way to emit these smells throughout the home and can even be authentically produced by hand to add a personal touch.


cinnamon scented candle

Keep it neutral

A neutral colour scheme is the number one tip from any property staging expert. Hues of red or green, with gold or silver, are the safest bets to chose from when it comes to selecting decorations for your Christmas tree and the room around it. A warm and rich shade of red will instantly bring a touch of festive cheer into your home within moments. You can try mixing and matching a matt or glossy finish to give a single-shade scheme another dimension – this second dimension will be brought to life by the illuminations from a roaring fire. Choosing a gold scheme for your Christmas tree decorations will create a sense of opulence and tastefulness and will sit especially well in an otherwise neutral interior, introducing festive colour without overpowering the space.

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help to homestage your property

Guild Blog: How to Homestage your Property to Sell

Selling a property can be challenging. Sometimes a property will fly off the market, but in other circumstances, it could take longer to find a buyer. Why not make the process go faster? By home staging your property perfectly, you could attract a buyer sooner. 

A well-staged home will allow the buyer to imagine living there and being able to put their own stamp on the property.

Watch the video to find our top tips.


Are you thinking of selling your home? Contact your local Guild Member today. They can also advise you on the best way to display your home and may be able to recommend a local home staging firm if you would like to accelerate your sale. 

Home Staging

Guild Blog: Stage Your Home Like a Pro

Stage your home like a pro

When it comes to selling a house, ‘staging’ is of the utmost importance. You might spend hours upon hours dusting ceiling corners, scrubbing at the kitchen floor or rearranging the furniture of your home. However, there are other changes you could make which you might not have thought of.

Recent research carried out by Carpetright explores how our living spaces can often dictate how we feel. Given that we spend 80-90% of our time indoors, it makes sense that, as people, we want to go to great lengths to ensure our surroundings make ourselves feel happy and positive.

Key findings from the study found that three-quarters of people surveyed agree that the layout of a room can impact their mood. Two-thirds of the group found a messy room stress-inducing, while a third associate gardens with relaxation.

Feng Shui master, Alan Stirling, recognises that “our environment is very often an expression of how we feel inwardly. Ideally, it should inspire us to make the most of our lives from when we open our eyes in the morning and help us relax after a rewarding day”.

If Carpetright’s findings tell us anything, it’s that if we can positively influence how people feel when they step foot in our home, they are more likely to be open to purchasing. So, how can you harness this knowledge and achieve ultimate zen within your soon-to-be-sold home in preparation for viewings?

Use plants and natural materials to your advantage

The study showed that 81% of participants agree that having an outdoor space at home is important. Many other studies have also shown that adding plants to your household creates a calming and colourful environment.

Plants are quick and relatively inexpensive additions to make; simply head on down to your nearest garden centre and stock up on ones that go nicely with the colour palette and space you’re working with. According to Mark McCance, Director of, ‘The Indoor Plant Experts For Home & Office’, some of the best house plants include Dragon Trees, Kentia Palm and Snake Plants because of their air-purifying qualities.

“Plants in the home have generally been linked with improved well-being, optimism, calmness, particularly as they dampen sound in noisy environments, and a sense of stability and reduction in stress and anxiety”, says McCance.

In addition, natural materials such as wooden flooring not only offset the human-made parts of your home visually but also have positive effects on yours and your guests’ mental states, simulating proximity to nature.

“The introduction of greenery such as houseplants, green walls or natural materials is an important element of health and wellbeing”, says McCance.

The abundance of plants and natural materials will leave your viewers feeling relaxed and calm, with a positive impression of your home.

Change up the lighting

You want your home to ideally be bright and airy when expecting visitors or viewings. A dingy, poorly lit environment will be an immediate turn-off to potential buyers, whereas standing lamps, intricate fairy lights or mood-boosting colour-changing LED lights signal warmth and comfort.

Lighting can instantly influence the mood of your guests, so it is definitely something to take into account when preparing your house for viewings.

Stimulate your guests’ senses with smells and sights

This can be in the form of bright, eye-catching rugs, essential oil diffusers or scented candles. These small additions to your household stimulate at least one of the five senses and have a big impact on your space and how relaxed your guests will feel.

Entering a house that smells divine and oozes colour is going to immediately impress your visitors. When it comes to décor, certain colours can evoke specific feelings and sentiments too; for example, yellow is associated with optimism, green and blue with harmony, while reds and oranges go hand in hand with warmth and excitement. Decide how you want your guests to feel and adjust your colour palette to suit.

But this ‘sense awakening’ doesn’t have to be synonymous with splurging; miniature adjustments to cushions, rugs and small furnishings can make all the difference.

Get rid of clutter 

It goes without saying that too much clutter can be very off-putting to potential buyers. By placing bits and pieces into storage units and boxes, you enable visitors to get a clear picture of the space on offer. Mess and clutter can often hinder this.

Home organisation expert and Netflix show host Marie Kondo has taken the internet by storm with her trademarked ‘KonMari’ methods. By only keeping items that “spark joy” within you and discarding those that fail to have the same effect, you are able to both declutter and surround yourself with plenty of positive vibes.

In addition to this, two-thirds of people feel stressed in messy rooms – the last thing you want your guests to feel when thinking of potentially buying your home.


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